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Does your dog chew its paws?  Read this and take care.

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Dear Steve,

  I had 4 little dogs, two of which were pure maltese and the other two mixed with maltese.  They were a family and all different ages.

  My husband spread a Scott's brand lawn feeder/week killer. He told me that after he soaked it ..then it was suppose to be safe for my little dogs.

   Soon I noticed one of my dogs chewing and sucking on his feet feverishly. We took all 4 in for their routine teeth appt..and I spoke to the Vet about the feet.  He wrapped them after applying some medicine.  Soon we received a phone call from the Vet.  He said the blood tests he took (because some of the dogs needed teeth extracted) came back showing severe liver damage in Binky and also Binky's offspring, Petunia.  But Petunia's count or whatever was not as severe.

  Binky was put on medicine.  Binky continued to chew on his feet and then started shivering as though he was afraid.  Again we took him back in.  The liver test results were worse.  Then Binky had large round sore-like areas on his tummy. Again we took him in..and again his liver problem was getting worse.  Medicine did nothing.

  Binky would not get out of his bed, nor eat anymore.  We had to put him to sleep.

Of course by now the lawn was free of the pesticide as it was a month ago. Since Petunia did not show any symptoms we felt all the little dogs were safe now.

   When I told the Vet all along that I thought it happened because my little Binky must have gotten some of it on his feet....thus it traveled into his body via the chewing and sucking..the Vet said he didn't think so.

   However, since the product killed all the grass and left all the weeds my husband was furious.  My husband complained to the company.  They sent him more of the stuff free and a free ..better spreader..telling him he must have put too much on the lawn.

  Since the Vet said he didn't think it was from the product my husband put more on the lawn with the new spreader .  Since he knew how I felt about it he soaked it way more then before.

   But now my little Petunia was chewing and sucking her feet. Liver tests did not show that her liver problem to be any worse.

   I soaked her feet, wrapped her feet...all to no avail..  I told the Vet my Suspicions once again but he I don't think so ...again. Soon Petunia stopped with the feet...but started again the next time my husband sprayed.

  Please...I'm terrified I will lose her too.  During all of this the older mother of Petunia had terrible arthritic pain, almost blind etc.. and had to be put to sleep.  The half brother of the maltese was even older and had a severe heart problem...he too was suffering for a very long time and we put him to sleep.

  I grieve still...daily...  I only have Petunia now.  Please there anything you think I could get the poison affect off her little paws...if its still there..or ever was. or to at least keep her from feverishly chewing and sucking on them every waking hour.

  She is eating and otherwise seems ok...though she isn't as active.  She is not a puppy either but seemed  like one before.  I'm so worried Steve.  I'm afraid to get any more liver tests...afraid of what the vet might find.

  I will bookmark this sight and waiting for  your comments or things I could try.

By the way.. I used baking powder ..lots of it.. in sink with water and let her feet soak.. tried gasoline..too knowing she might suck it off.. nothing works



My little doxies were going through the same "foot" chewing.  They were chewing until there was blood.  I believe it was from pesticide drift from the next yard.

We tried pills and washing with soap to no avail.  Then I decided to try enzymes and every time I saw one of them chewing, we would spray their feet and pads.  I knew it couldn't hurt because the enzymes are safe on open wounds and if our dogs licked some of it up it wouldn't hurt them.

The good news is that within a week their chewing declined significantly and paws showed healing.  I was grateful because I read somewhere that the foot chewing could get so bad that some vets end up cutting off the paws.

We don't put anything on our yard and know that weeds are to be pulled not poisoned.  But if there is any paw chewing or unusual scratching, I always spray them with enzymes.





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