Pesticide Poisoning:
Letters from Victims and Families
We pray that each story will be the last.
However, until the pesticides and chemicals are removed from our environment, the stories will continue.  If you see yourself or someone you love in these letters, please get medical attention.
If you have an experience to add, please email it to us below.
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Email from Dr. Doris Rapp on the poisoning of Phoenix, Arizona
Pesticides in Brazil
Email from biologist.
Contaminated 245T
Over 50 deaths, birth defects and cancers.
Poison Unknown
Horses and other animals suffer horribly in California poisoning

Agent Orange
Children born 30 years after Agent Orange still poisoned
New Jersey, Sussex County Malathion spraying poisons residents
Lindane for Scabies
Pregnant woman forced to use Lindane to keep job
College athlete's life changed after working in wheat field
Permethrin (Lyclear)
Poisonings from scabies "medication"
Eptam (Thiocarbamate/herbicide)  
They told him it was "safe".
Nursing career ended.
Teacher develops MCS after years of exposure
Rid head lice treatment
Child vomits and shakes for 4 days
Poison for scabies makes user ill
Rid, Nix, Clear and other head lice treatments
Child has symptoms of pesticide poisoning
Systox Spray
21 years of mental of physical anguish after contact.
  Organophosphate Sheep Dip
7 people from one farm with Parkinson's
Hydramethylnon used in gel
Woman becomes chemically sensitive with exposure.
CCA Treated Wood
Within a few weeks of installing deck family suffers illnesses
Benefits of Working for Orkin
Former employee has continued severe medical problems. 
Poisoned by Terminix
Hundreds of gallons of Dursban, Permethrin and more poured into home. 
Rid, Nix, Clear and other head lice treatments
Mother falls ill after treating children
Lindane for headlice and scabies
Mother with cancer
Malathion for Headlice
Father of 8 asks for help
Rid, Nix, R&C and other head lice treatments
ADHD child's behavior becomes uncontrollable
Active horsewoman now in wheelchair from fly spray
3 year old succumbs to poisoning.
Chemically sensitive child exposed by pest control company
Metam Sodium
California worker not protected in Dunsmuir cleanup
Terpene d-limonene
Tallon Pest Control's "safe" termite freeze sickens family
Neighbor becomes ill after fumigation
NIX for headlice
Child continues to suffer seizures after using product
R&C for headlice
Woman has continuing problems after us headlice product
Dursban Lo
Woman dies of breast cancer
Woman exposed as child suffers as adult
Cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifo
Cropduster sprays home permanently injuring 1 years old
Spraying in Auckland
Many ill with various symptoms.  Government continues to spray
Lindane for Headlice
Child suffers seizures and other problems
Permethrin (Nix) for headlice
Lice alive and well, mother miscarries
Pesticide Mosquito Spraying
Who's the terrorist?
Dimethoate (Cygon)
School bus hit by pesticide drift.
California school sprays pesticides sickens child.
Fenthion for Bird Kills
Employee of horse farm is doused and exposed.
Poison applied in workplace.. father, wife and 4 children permanently injured
Malathion for head lice
Dr. prescribed malathion for head lice.. 
Malathion spray
Florida State worker describes injuries 
Bayer's Advantage
Family home contaminated
Poison Unknown
Government spraying sends child to hospital
Pesticide on Football Field
15 yr. old dies in sleep after playing football
Family was told miticide was safe
Demand CS
Loved pet returns to sprayed home and become ill.
Spraying for Mosquitoes puts child in hospital
Organic is best Scott's Weed and Feed
Atrazine found in lawn product sickens woman
Permethrin / Pyrhyfos / Chloryrifos
Spraying for fleas.. damages daughter's health
Aerial Spraying for boll weevils injures child.. $125 fine to operator!
Woman poisoned by dursban seeks explanations for continuing illness
Dursban/Chem Lawn and Permethrin
Leading to MCS?
Pest Control Tech and Family Injured
20 years after exposure, woman suffers severe health problems.
Agent Orange
Agent Orange and the poisoning of Australian Viet Nam Veterans and their families
RID (Pyrethrum), NIX (Permethrin) and CLEAR (Pyrethrum)
Failure and poisoning
All planes landing in New Zealand are sprayed with pesticides... Attendant sick from exposure
2,4-D / Weed 'n Feed
Woman poisoned by drift from neighbor
Various Agriculture
California Family's exposure and disease.
Flee fogger... user left feeling ill and wondering if it will go away.
Pyrethrin / Lindane
Pancreatic dysfunction after use for head lice
Permethrin (NIX)
Child becomes ill after use for head lice
Playing in truck spray as child... adult illness and damaged offspring
Agricultural Pesticides and other drift
Adults and children in Bakersfield, California
2,4-D, Picloram
State of Mass. poisons employees and environment for 10+ years.
Pyrethrin Fly Spray/Oil Wipe
Horsewoman suffers from Neuromuscular disease
Chlordane / Heptachlor
Family of 8 horrible injured in home previously saturated
Pyrethrin Overhead Sprayer/Oil Wipe
Horse owner suffers from use of pesticides for flies
Side Effects from Using Rid and Nix
Mother and duaghter suffer from pesticides
Aerial Spraying of Abamectin and physician ignorance  
Disability results when mother and business owner sprayed and then misdiagnosed at hospital
Dursban,Diazinon, Dieldren, and Chlordane in old home 
Disability results when husband works on old home
Carbofuran (Furadan) 
Young wife stops to watch aerial spraying
Ortho Hornet and Wasp Killer and Raid
Husband/Brother seriously injured
Malathion, Black Leaf Forty and more
Family of farmers/ranchers suffers suicides, infertility, emotional distress and more
New Zealand Dow Chemical Plant - Agent Orange?
Family suffers illness and death
Griffin Pest Control
Grand Rapids family is injured and home is condemned
Flea Collar
Child suffers additional poisoning
Allercare Dust Mite Powder and Spray
Families continue to suffer the consequences of these dangerous pesticides
Horses and other animals suffer horribly in California poisoning
Illness associated with poisoned home in Maine
DDT, 2, 4-D, Mercury and more
Farmer details his history of poisoning
Pyrethroid (Scourge)
City "dumps" left-over pesticide in middle of night harming family.
Unknown Termite Poison
Missing fetus after exposure
Family is forced to move from home after Mother and Daughter become ill after pesticide spraying 

Dangerous weed killer sprayed near small children at school
RoundUp and GM Corn
University of Berkeley and chemical company poison schools
Cartap Hydrochloride
Poisoned workers plead for help as company leaves town
Dangerous weed killer sprayed in neighboring field maims horses and permanently injures family
Rid Lice Shampoo
Child diagnosed with leukemia
Dursban Flea Dip
Veterinary worker diagnosed with MS
Popular weed killer... takes health of millions?
Unknown Organophosphate
 Lawn Care poison causes family continued illness
Various Pesticides and Chemicals
Young child battling leukemia from poisoned well
Otis Pest Control 
Family driven from their contaminated home and children with ongoing health problems.
Poisoned by Fly Spray
Woman poisoned by a horse fly pesticide now suffers irritable laryngospasms

Ovide lice treatment harms child
Woman loses motor skills after exposure 

 Colon problems, Pain and Weight Loss after Spraying

banned 20 years ago still injuring

Child writes about his exposure

Effects of Flea and Tick Pesticide Neighbors spray herbicides 
Chemically Sensitive Family trapped in their home by herbicide spraying
Farmer poisoned with while treating barley for weavils

Spraying for termites leaves child ill Permethrin
Child dies of cancer after Nix lice treatment
Family Made Ill by termiticide
Spraying for termites has devastated family.

20 yr old chlordane may be causing health problems

Dursban TC 
Robs a man of his health - are killing termites worth it?
Termite Poison Kills Family Pet Orkin Pest Control using Dursban
Poisons and ruins more lives

Numerous Agricultural / Industrial Pesticides
Poisoned River in California
ruins young mother's health
Dow AgriChemical Pests Over People Orkin Pest Control Employee suffering from poisoning?
More poisoned lives.
Delta Dust
Couple poisoned by Delta Dust
Scott's Weed 'n Feed / Dursban
Woman Poisoned by Lawn Care Product
Various Herbicides / Pesticides
Chemically Sensitive Child is now prisoner in home
Family poisoned by Dursban gets no justice

Spraying Dursban for Fleas causes rash?  Dursban TC
Young Couple Health Ruined by

Diazinon Plus
Another "accidental" poisoning leaves a mother and her family devastated

unsuspecting residents poisoned by officials in New Jersey
Unknown Agricultural Pesticide
nearby field is sprayed during soccer tournment
Pest Control Professional Poisoned
Scotts Weed & Feed
Dogs suffer and die after playing on lawn
Dursban TC
Baby Born with Birth Defects
Well Water Suspected in Poisoning Symptoms Collie suffers horrible death from pesticides Much Loved Cat killed by flea collar
There will more, unfortunately.

Have you or your pet been poisoned by flea products (i.e., collars, soaps, sprays)?  If so, a physician would like to hear about your experience.  Click Here

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