Suspend SC - another victim

June 12, 2002 Poisoned by Suspend SC Active Deltamethrin-Our home was sprayed for ants with Suspend SC. Several hours later I ended up in the hospital with sore throat, sore sinus, swollen throat, asthmatic attack, headach, vomiting.

I mistakenly tried to live in my home until I ended up back in the hospital on June 19, 2002.  I finally had to vacate my home.  I have lost my home, my furniture and most of my clothing.  I am currently homeless with deteriorating health and increasing sensitivity to my surroundings.  No agency will help me.  EPA told me Deltamethrin was designed to be permanent and cannot be removed.  The chemical company which makes Suspend SC laughed at me.

My life has been devastated over this pesticide. And to make matters worse there is not a government agency anywhere that can or will help me. 

 World Health Organization says it does not recommend this product for indoor use but it was sprayed on my baseboards and inside my kitchen cabinets by the floor.  Also around my foundation..

DO NOT USE THIS CHEMICAL.  If Deltamethrin has injured you please let me know how you dealt with it and what you did to get your health back.

Candie Moses,  Sidney, Ohio 45365  home phone



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