Termidor ... Pest Control Tech and family poisoned

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Hi Steve...

   Just a note to assure your visitors that getting legal help concerning pesticide poisoning/exposure is nearly impossible. Unless you are throwing large sums of money at an atorney, they don't even want to hear you finish a story. My husband was a pest control tech and is suffering from the exposure to a new insecticide, Termidor...thyroid and respiratory problems. He was fired by his employer the day he told him he needed to be tested for exposure at the reccomendation of his physician. Apparently, this being a right to work state, this is perfectly acceptable. The lawyers want concrete proof that the exposure caused the sicknesses. The doctors know very little on the side effects of this chemical and regardless, they don't want to get involved legally. Given that we have no health insurance and that this illness has depleted our savings, we cannot get the fancy tests. Even so, since Termidor is relatively new and considered safe (sound familiar? Dursban?) t! here is little in research to provide help. So, now we go without medical treatments that my husband needs and my 5 year old daughter and 13 year old son are suffering from a chronic cough.

   Termidor does cause thyroid dysfunction and tumors in lab rats yet the attorneys and doctors say that his newly found thyroid and breathing problems are merely circumstantial. We can go to a workman's comp doctor but the lawyer even knows they will side with the former employer (money related). We can contact Aventis ("Wow, I'd bet they'd care!) or we can just suffer with it. Now he is out of work and bills are mounting for treatment. Legally, unless there is a class actiuon suit where the attorneys get rich, there is little to be done. But, they always apologize and wish us well leaving the attorney's offices. Isn't that so sweet?    So, the best treatment is prevention...getting the word out before more people suffer and/or die. For those of you in the pest control business, GET OUT! Even if you have a good salary, are the long term affects worth it? No. Educate yourselves on sites like this and stop jeopardizing your families, as well. The regrets will never go away. Also, if you have other complaints about Termidor, get them on this site. There is so much touting it's safety but it's wrong. We're proof of that and so is the research showing it to be a class C carinogen. The dead lab rats can show that. Heck, by mere virtue of the fact that these chemicals kill living insects, how safe can they be for us?

 Brenda Jenkins


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