Sites on Pesticides


Sites on Pesticides
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), Fact Sheets on New Active Ingredients. Contains comprehensive information on conventional pesticide active ingredients, including year of initial registration, chemical family. U. S. producer, application sites, types of formulations, methods of application, application rates and toxicilogical characteristics.  Fiscal years 1998 and 1999 are available.  OPP will expand this page to include more new active ingredients, as well as those registered in previous years.
Status of Pesticides in Registration, Reregistration and Special Review, 1998 U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Provides status of pesticides that are undergoing or have completed pesticide registration or review process as mandated by Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.  Lists “new” pesticide active ingredients, those initially registered since November 1, 1984, which by law are not subject to reregistration.  Available at  458 pp.  For hard copies contact National Center for Environmental Publications and Information (EPA/NCEPI), P. O. Box 42419, Cincinnati, OH 45242-2419, phone 1-800-490-9198; fax 1-513-489-8695.

Office of Pesticide Programs - Biopesticides and Pollution prevention Division (BPPD)

The BPPD is responsible for the regulation of all biopesticides in the Unites States.  This web site includes a definition of biopesticides, regulatory activity, active ingredients, Federal Register notices, press releases, publications and a related Internet resources section.  The regulatory activities section breaks down biopesticides regulations by all types including active ingredient approvals, tolerance applications, and experimental use applications.  Fact sheets are also available from the home page.

Pesticide National Synthesis Project

The Pesticide National Synthesis Project is part of the U. S. Geological Survey’s National Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA).  The project’s objective is the long-term assessment of the status of and trends in the quality of the Nation’s water resources.  The web site includes a project overview; national summaries and data concerning pesticides in water; special topics, such as contaminants in fish hormones; national maps of pesticide use, and on-line publications from the NAWQA Pesticide Studies Program.  The web site includes a search feature, pesticide-related links and a National Map of the NAWQA Study Units.

Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs, Pesticide Site Locator

The Virginia Tech Pesticide Program offers this extensive database of pesticide-related internet resources.  Select a source or topic area, like Government Information Sources, Organizations and Educational Institutions, Pesticide News and Newsletters, and Pest Control Product Manufacturers and Other Commercial Sites, to choose from hundreds of possible resources.  This database is fully searchable by keyword or subject.  Visit, too, the Virginia Tech Pesticide Program web site, available at  This site serves as a clearinghouse for technical information on pesticides and other toxic chemicals.  Find information on pesticide education and training programs, pesticide safety teaching resources, and surveys of pesticide use in Virginia.

Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is a Canadian government regulatory agency which “protects human health and environment by minimizing risks associated with pest control products while enabling access to pest management tools.”  The web site is available in English and French and includes contact information for pesticide programs, regulatory information, international activities information, sustainable pest management data, online publications, related links and a headlines section.

This site, offered by the Chemical and Pharmaceutical (C&P) press, provides access to the free and subscription-based reference services of their online Crop Protection Reference Manual.  The free service provides the most current versions of product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) available to C&P Press.  Documents can be located by brand and company name.  In addition to the product labels and MSDSs, a subscription allows access to a single source of product summaries (including all sites and pests on which the product is registered, EPA registration information, restricted use information, common name, etc.), worker protection information, DOT shipping information, and SARA Title III reporting information. A one-month free trial of this subscription service is available.


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