S.C. Johnson's Allercare Products continue to claim victims

Are you fully aware of the extent of damage that the use of Allercare products have caused to tens of thousands of people in this country? Even though they recalled the products in January 14 of 2000 at the urging of the EPA they had already sold millions of cans to the public according to 2/21/00 issue of Advertising Age which reported sales of over 7.6 million up until 1/2/00. At a price of approx. $5.00 per product that equals about 1.5 - 2 million cans of this product released to the public. S C Johnson says "only" about 1% of the users report a problem with the product but this is very likely a underestimate. 2 to 4 percent is more probable due to the fact that this product was directly aimed at users that have allergy problems. Even at their figure this equals 10,000 to 20,000 homes but very possibly could be 30,000 to 60,000 homes. 

Here lies the problem: many people are very ill with what they think is a respiratory, sinus, allergy or flu-like problem because they have no idea that this product was dangerous and was recalled. No public announcement, very little news, nothing but a web page. Very few doctors are aware of this problem. Now consider this: a person uses the product with no effects and then sells their house to a party that has respiratory problems and they are suddenly very ill but have no way of knowing why because this was kept so quiet by the maker of the product. What if a landlord uses it on the carpets and drapes or furniture and the tenant has respiratory or asthma problems and gets ill and doesn't have a clue as to what is going on. 

How do I know this? My family became very ill after using this product last year and my wife had very serious respiratory problems along with a horrendous amount of other problems. We only became aware of the recall in May after reading a recall section in Consumers Report. We have had to move out of the house at the urging of our doctor, the EPA, and a doctor doing a research project at the University of Oregon. S C Johnson has been silent so far other than trying to clean the carpet, drapes and furniture to no avail. This is a large national problem that needs exposure for the welfare of the public. I have a list from the EPA of 257 pages of individuals that have reported all types of problems from allercare use. I also have a list from the State of Florida of over 100 people in the state that have had severe problems from its use. 

Please call me at 1-800-741-4198 for more information and contact Jerry Blondell at the EPA at 1-703-305-5336. They have thousands of reports on Allercare by SC Johnson. He is in the health effects division and has a abundance of information also. SC Johnson needs to clean up the damage they have caused and warn the public of the danger.

Steve Domby stevemcb1@hotmail.com Cape Coral, FL. 


Phone 1-941-574-1404 Fax 


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