Excerpts from Steve Tvedten's book "The Best Control"
(Used here with permission.)

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Kleen KillŪ Enzyme Cleaners are organic, enzymatic, bio-catalytic agents which have proven to be outstandingly effective to “clean away” mosquito larva and pupae control.  Kleen KillŪ enzymes  ALTER THE SURFACE TENSION OF WATER SO THAT LARVAE AND PUPAE HAVE DIFFICULTY MAKING CONTACT WITH THE AIR ABOVE THE WATER SURFACE film.  Adult mosquitoes can not maintain surface contact on water treated with preformed enzymes.  Late winter treatment of potential breeding water will preclude breeding.  Other insects, as well as leaves, etc., do not remain on surface of water treated with Kleen KillŪ enzymes, but sink below the surface.

It is interesting to note that the pupal stage is the most quickly affected by preformed enzymes, whereas larvae tend to persist for longer periods both in field and laboratory experience. The opposite is found to be the case in the use of insecticide poisons, where the larval stage is the one most quickly killed.  In stagnant water, large pounds, bird bathes, etc. you will note ultra-active response of the aquatic organisms upon initial addition of Kleen KillŪ enzymes, as siphon tubes can no longer make contact with outside air.  Kleen KillŪ enzymes last indefinitely in still or recirculated water.  In many instances 100% control has been achieved.  It is less effective and has less residual effect in moving water or in a pond with both inlets and outlets.

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