Schools Using Natural Pest Control

January 8, 1998 NEWS
The South Bend Tribune

MARNE, Mich. (AP)- At West Ottawa schools, the party was over when the intruders gulped baking soda.

Farewell, termites.

The western Michigan district is one of several finding different solutions for controlling pests. And that means more business for an Ottawa County company that specializes in using vinegar, molasses even taco sauce-to keep the crawlers from creeping.

Get Set Inc. of Marne was founded by Steve Tvedten, a pesticide sprayer for 30 years.

"Pesticides don't kill pests. They kill people," he contends. "We're giving people positive alternatives for pest control that actually work better"

West Ottawa schools in Ottawa County began using the pest-fighting strategies two years ago. Cards that release electronically charged particles, or ions, were mounted on walls to combat pine beetles.

The district's contract with Get Set costs about $12,000 a year for 10 schools, nearly the expense of fighting termites in one school with traditional pesticides.

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