Steve Tvedten and Get Set... In the News
Pesticide Action Network July 24, 2002 Steve's Book The Bug Stops Here recognized as resource
The Montreal Gazette
 July 5, 2002
Steve Tvedten - Interviewed on 2, 4-D
LaCrosse Tribune
May 13, 2002
Steve Tvedten - Interviewed on safe lawn care
Earth Day 2002 - Press Release Steve Tvedten, a long time proponent for the use of safe alternatives to control and manage all types of pests, officially released his free book on Earth Day 2002 titled The Bug Stops Here
The Hindu
April 14, 2002
An exclusive e-mail interview, U.S.-based pest control officer Steve Tvedten speaks to journalist SHREE PADRE about his tragedy and views on pesticides. 
Metro Times
February 6, 2002
Nontoxic Avenger
Dayton Daily News
November, 2001
Schools’ pesticide use may put students in danger Shift to safer program slow to catch on in Ohio
U. S. News and World Report
November 8, 1999
The stuff in the backyard shed --- The pesticide is effective and sells like mad. But is it safe for everyone?
Grand Rapids Press
October 8, 1998
Build a New Mouse Trap
Perrysburg Messenger Journal
January, 1998
Pesticide-free school Strategies are working
South Bend Tribune
January, 1998
Schools Using Natural Pest Control
West 57th, CBS 
August 15, 1987
Chlordane Segment

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