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Ron Atkins, Supervisor
Lyn Mantia, Secretary
January 28, 2000

Dear Dr. Rapp:

Several years ago, I was introduced to Steve Tvedten at a meeting attended by other area school district Maintenance Supervisors.  My first impression of Steve was that he was highly knowledgeable in the area of entomology and pest control.  I soon realized that he also had a concern for the health and safety of all people, and he, especially was trying to stop the use of poisonous chemicals in public schools where the health of children was possibly being affected.

Mad River Local Schools has been, and is currently, using the programs and procedures that Get Set, Inc. introduced to control pests without using toxic chemicals.  We have also educated many of our employees on the safe alternatives for pest control in their own home environment.  Our decision to switch to these methods of pest control was any easy one:

First of all, we had been using a nationally known pest control company for nine (9) years whose methods of pest elimination simply did not work.  Our problems continued to exist, and in some cases, the roach problems increased while using their methods of chemical treatment.

Secondly,  the awareness of possible childhood medical problems, such as asthma and other breathing disorders, along with behavioral problems of students, seemed to be an issue that was commonly associated with reactions to chemical poisons and other toxic materials.

I am extremely thankful to Steve Tvedten and to the Get Set Pest Management Program.  I now can proudly tell the parents, the teachers, the custodians, the staff, and most of all, the students who occupy the buildings in our district, that we do not need to use poisons for pest control, that we can effectively control pests with common sense methods that are safe to use.  I am also especially proud that this program allows us to offer, free of charge, non-toxic lice shampoo to our students, which helps their home environment and does not disrupt their educational progress by being absent from school due to lice infestation.

Steve Tvedten has helped our school district get on the right track with sensible pest control management, and the rewards are immeasurable on the long-term health affects of our building occupants, and towards safety of the environment.

In closing, I would like to state that it is more than a pleasure to be associated this fine organization.  It is an honor.



Ron Atkins


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