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Office of the Assistant Superintendent
Robert McClintock
January 28, 2000

Dr. Doris Rapp

About five years ago Northmont City Schools was approached by a citizen to discuss pesticide use in the schools.  This parent had become familiar with an integrated pest management company and was interested in exploring the possibilities.  A number of discussions and presentations ensued with Steve Tvedten from Get Set, and eventually the district decided to try this new non-pesticide approach to pest control.

Steve conduced a complete physical review of the district's 11 buildings, established various controls in each building, including the earth card, presented a number of employee training sessions, and followed up closely the progress of the pest control system.

After an initial break-in period, the custodians and food service workers reported the absence of roaches from the building.  With each new challenge, from bees to termites, Steve has been available on the spot to offer successful solutions to problems.  Get Set has also provided an extensive book, (now CD) on pests and how to control them, which is available to anyone in the district.

The latest item introduced to the district is the "not nice to lice" non-toxic hair care.  This is made available to our nurses as part of the total service.  The nurses have been very pleased with the usefulness and non-toxic nature of the product.

Overall, the program has been very successful due to Steve's materials, methods, and diligence.  The combination of pest control and elimination of pesticides is a double benefit to our students and staff.

I would recommend Steve Tvedten and Get Set to any organization interested in safer method of pest control and cleaner environment.


Bob McClintock
Assistant Superintendent for Business

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