Dr. Doris Rapp.

 I am writing this letter as a short follow up to the one I previously sent you.  In that letter, I left out one very important thing that has happened to Fruitport Schools since we started using Get-Set for our pest control needs.

Fruitport Schools received an environmental award from Muskegon County for using non-toxic methods for pest control.

To qualify for the award your program must meet the criteria set forth by the county.  Some of the things that the county looks for when recommending an organization for this award is the impact it has on the environment in or around Muskegon County, is it an innovative idea and has it been successful.  if the county determines that your program meets the criteria then you are recommended for the award.  Once the county has investigated all the organizations that applied for the award they determine which ones had the most environmental impact and they received the award.

Fruitport Schools was very excited and happy to be one of the few organizations to receive on of the awards.  We count not have done it without Get-Sets help.



Ted Tyers
Assistant Director of Operations

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